13th June 2015

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Forest Marathon Ireland

Limited entries :
- 200 places for the 100km   - Start 7am
- 200 places for the 50km     - Start 7am
- 300 for the Marathon           - Start 12 Noon
- 300 for the Half Marathon   - Start 9am

Entries open until the 1st of June 2015 or when sold out

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Route Map
Route map

Portumna is a small town in the heart of rural Galway on the West Coast of Ireland. The name Portumna comes from the Irish word Port Omna, meaning the landing place of the oak tree. So not surprisingly, perched on the edge of the quaint little town is a magnificent 450 hectacres of coniferous woodland of Scots Pine and Norway spruce. Portumna Forest Park is also home to a whole host of animals including Fallow deer and the red Squirrel. Every June, the agility of the wild animals in their natural habitat is mimicked by the ‘best of the best’ of distance runners from all over Ireland. In recent years participants have come from all over the world in their quest to find the ultimate Ultra marathon.

Entry fee before January 1st 2015 : 100km €45, 50km €40, Marathon €35, Half Marathon €30

Entry fee after January 1st 2015 : 100km €50, 50km 45, Marathon 40, Half Marathon €35

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UNDER Rules of Athletics Association of Ireland, AIMS, IAU